Whatever you bind/loose on earth, is it you bind or God bind? Matt 18:18

Matthew 18: 18 Truly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed [f] in heaven.

The best discovery ever since I started in my MABS. In my Greek book, I found that the verse ” whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on Earth shall be loosed in heaven! “–Our favorite Pentecostal verse? Guess what? As I suspected, the Greek word for binding and loosing are future perfect passives, which means, ” Will have already been bound in heaven”. In other words, the heavenly decree confirming the earthly one is based on a PRIOR verdict. Omg! We got it wrong by praying in our human authority for so long, it is actually decided in heaven and then we merely implement it on Earth. That’s why I love my Greek now! 😊

Now there are implications here.

First, the tendency of charismatic churches and Pentecostals is that we assume great power that’s been given to us in the Name of Jesus for us to bind oppositions, and to loose “blessings” into our lives and our church. This is stretching what Jesus originally said. What Jesus said is that whatever you bind or lose on earth, shall be bound/loosed in heaven”. That’s where the confusion arises. The translation calls it, shall be bound/loosed in heaven, sounding like we bind first, and then the heavens follow suit. But no, the Greek words say, we only bind/loose that which has already been decided in heaven. This is very important. Therefore this answers the question of God first or we first in making this faith proclamation. It is obviously God. This has huge implications. You don’t go around bind things or loose things; you only do what God has already decided in heaven. That’s hard to find, on other words, the will of God. But we need to absolutely bear this in mind, so we don’t “abuse’ the verse.

Secondly, if it’s really the heaven’s verdict done first, we should be absolutely bind and loose things on earth with greater convictions and faith and they are guaranteed to happen.

Remember, God has the power. We don’t. It’s not our will power even, it’s God’s will be done, and then we follow up.


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