Pay the price for God’s guidance; never say “God is silent”

I was reading through the story of Joseph in Genesis 37-50 for my assignment in seminary study tonight, I was moved to tears when I came to the part when Joseph broke into tears and wept aloud when Judah revealed to him how their old father Jacob was heart broken when Joseph was “torn dead” by animals, and now feared Benjamin (Joseph’s brother from Rachel) would be torn from Jacob as well (with Joseph demanding Benjamin to be brought to Egypt).

Having built up in my emotion started in Genesis 37 on how Joseph was arrogant, shallow, spoilt by the foolish father Jacob for showing favoritism, and eventually sold as a slave into Egypt and then jailed for standing up for righteousness, and now established to be the Prime Minister of Egypt, has left me in awe of God. For soooo many years, Joseph cried out to God from being sold as a boy into slavery, to innocently jailed by being pure and righteous, God seemed SILENT. The question goes “WHERE IS GOD?” Because you never know! God seemed to be silent for many years over the time when Joseph suffered, and yet promoted by God in Potiphar’s house, and then in jail. Then God came through BIG time in promoting Joseph from a prisoner to be the most powerful man in Egypt after Pharaoh. That’s truly a “from rags to riches” kind of story or and makes it to Disneyland fairy tale story. But it’s a TRUE story. A story that stirs the hearts of men and women.

It gives you a glimpse how God works. There are many times God works very quickly. But there are time when God seemed to be very quiet, almost too quiet. Joseph’s story is a real renaissance. A true witness to God’s faithfulness. Never say God is silent. Because you never know. You can only know at the end.

People ask, “That slavery, injustice—is that necessary?” Why spend 40 years?” Real life—you never become wise like that by shortcutting. No one ever become wise by being told. It must be shown until you see you see your flaw. No one ever learn and grow by being told God loves you. You need to be shown over and over. Therefore by paying this price, and saturating, you see the solid line and also the dotted lines. Saturate yourselves. Unconditional trust. You need to have the unconditional trust in God.

Elizabeth Elliot says in her book ” You don’t ask God for guidance, you ask God for His will.” Asking God requires our utmost best. It costs everything. It requires abandonment. John Newton says “I trust you, give me, or withhold from me”. “What you will, when you will, how you will.” From this moment on, I will obey anything you tell me, whether I understand or not, I will accept anything from you. Bible says you do that and not bailing on God, your good times and bad times, your plan will be wise.

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