Calvin-the Theologian by J I Packer


J I Packer’s—“Calvin the Theologian” (by J I Packer)

These are the big points of take away I got from reading JI Packer’s writing on Calvin. Indeed very inspiring & God anointed or what he calls as “unction”. Love to be shaped and molded by his teaching.

  • For the latter part of his life and a century after his death John Calvin was the most influential man in the world, in the sense that his ideas were making more history than those of anyone else during that period.—This is very inspiring. Amazing thinker who loves the Lord.
  • Calvin’s doctrine of the state as a servant of God that established the ideal of constitutional representative government and led to the explicit acknowledgment of the rights and liberties of subjects.
  • He produced the most fundamental ingredients in post-Renaissance Western Civilization.
  • Common grace, operating through conscience, law, and civil government, constantly restrains the full outworking of human corruption, and moves ungodly men to social and cultural enterprises of abiding worth.
  • Each man is responsible to God for his won choices, and that God works out His purposes through intelligent action on man’s part.—WOW!
  • Calvin’s writings breathe more of the spirit of awe and adoration in the realized presence of almighty God.
  • Calvin has unction. Read him, and he brings you into the presence of the God before whom he stood. He is one of the few who have written of God in a way that makes their readers worship.
  • Calvin is the one to make the complete adequacy of Christ’s saving work explicit—to present Christ as prophet, teaching his people by his word and Spirit; priest, securing their salvation by his blood-shedding and intercession; and King, ruling, not them only, but the hole created order for their sake; thus, by His threefold ministry, compassing their whole salvation.
  • God’s sovereignty is absolute, that history was imply the temporal outworking of His eternal plan, that some had been unconditionally chosen for salvation while the rest had been reprobated.
  • The Calvinist is the man who sees God behind all phenomena, and in all that occurs recognizes the hand of God, working out His will.






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