Jesus riding on a donkey-Palm Sunday (Matt 21)

Jesus chose a donkey to ride into Jerusalem in his final “big” appearance before his crucifixion on the cross is a powerful message to us today. What’s most powerful to me is the fact Jesus was proclaimed as the King of Israel as the people shouted Hosanna to him which means to the kIng who saves us. What’s so radically non conforming to the world’s view and perception, Jesus , on one hand, proclaimed as the King of Israel, chose not to ride into the capital city as a King, but chose to ride into the city on a ridiculously humble donkey! Not on a chariot with horses, and a herald blowing trumpet. That is so radically different. 

But the result He achieved far exceeded the accomplishment of any emperor on earth including Julius Ceaser of that largest empire at that time. What I get is that Jesus is rooting for the underdog. He is with the contrite in heart. He gives hope to you if you are downhearted, he is our comforter, and our hope. But this has to be anchored solidly in Christ, and not in our day dreaming. Because its easy to position ourselves as the recipient of such. But there is an element of our trying hard, our effort to reach that. Nevertheless, its amazing how Jesus established his kingdom via seemingly weakness, and not strength. So cheer up and look to the suffering King!

The last thing is Jesus is the King! Do you accept him as a blessing ? Or a King? Or are you the king of your own life. But now, as Christian, Jesus is the boss of your life. Come Lord Jesus!



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