God’s holy calling

5/19/2018  Saturday

Today I read: 1 Tim 2 9 who saved us and called us to a holy calling, not because of our works but because of his own purpose and grace, which he gave us in Christ Jesus before the ages began, 10 and which now has been manifested through the appearing of our Savior Christ Jesus,

This means that God saved & called Timothy to a holy calling because of God’s own purpose and grace which God gave in Christ Jesus before the ages began!

The most important words here are “God’s Purpose” and “”God’s Grace” before the ages began. This is incredible because first of all my calling is holy. It’s not for self gratification, honor. It’s not about the need to preach, the need to be loved and honored by our congregation, buts it about the holiness of God. It’s interesting to see that the call of God upon our lives (the servants of God like pastors etc.) is labelled holy. It’s not called mercy calling, not righteous calling, not compassionate calling or even love calling, though all good and great on their own, it’s not about them. It’s described as holy calling. Why? Because God is holy. In numerous times, God says “because the Lord your God is holy”. He said that repeatedly. He never called himself otherwise by one word, as far as I remember. Therefore beware that our calling is holy. It’s on sacred ground. Not some worldly ground, not some intellectual debate or emotional swing ground. Its holy, and sacred.

Secondly, it’s God’s purpose. His plans for you specifically. For me. Tailored made just for me, just for you. It is not a general call, but a specific call. Not something God just wings it. Remember the purpose was created before the foundation of the world. It really humbles me, makes me trembles. How can anyone argue against predestination? I love to be reformed. Before the world was started or the whole universe for that matter, because God uses the word “ages”. However that means exactly. Need Greek! 🙂 So stop wandering around wondering what to do. I have been wondering and despaired with church plant, but this really encouraged me, he has a purpose, and not a cliche word a purpose, but its a purpose specifically for me before the ages! That should hit a home run.

Thirdly, it’s God’s grace. Oh, how I live this word. The grace of God that brought me through. It’s the grace of God that He showered his love upon me and called me “son”. It’s the grace of God when Jesus my Lord was crucified on the cross and bled for me. So God called me because of his grace. There is no way I could have been a pastor and honored to have planted 2 successful churches, and that’s by his grace. Nothing of me, except he uses me with what He has endowed me with. And that’s the case with all the famed pastors and preaches too, no exception. It’s not something I have worked at and earned, but its something he gave to me though I don’t deserve it.



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