An evening with Tim & Kathy Keller-NYC April 2018

4/3/18 Tuesday Evening with the Kellers April 3, 2018 7-9 pm

IMG_20180403_211655.jpgA 20,000 people church (The Village Church) in Dallas’ pastor, Ps Matt Chandler said there is only one Tim Keller…and our Greek Prof Paul Jeong said, not everyone is a Tim Keller, don’t aim and compare with him, you will be disappointed.  And wow, yes, we the 3rd Cohort RTS students got invited to spend an evening in his apartment. It was an amazing evening with Tim & Kathy Keller in their apartment in Roosevelt Island, a prime nice area, with us the 3rd Cohort students from RTS-NYC. For a guy like me who has preached from his sermons, used his books for teaching and sharing, and  the fact that he is such a famous preacher/pastor/writer, it makes it real special to get invited to spend an evening with these great pillars of the evangelical world in America today. Tim Keller is such a well known and respected writer/thinker/preacher/pastor for American evangelical world, his graciousness and humility and learnedness are very appealing. He wrote “The Reason for God” which was published and became the New York Times Best Seller #1. He is also the pastor of a 5,000 people church in Manhattan, Redeemer, and the Chairman of City to City in helping and training church planters like us all over New York, and the world too. He teaches us Intro to Pastoral/Theology, and also “Christianity in the Secular Age” with Prof jame sHunter. I personally enjoyed very much his class on calvinism, Reformed Theology, it was so good, and we asked so many questions! When asked what’s his greatest pride in his work? He said that that his kids love him, and the church loves him. Wow, not the best seller books,  nor the strong Manhattan church that draws pastors from all over the world to investigate his success but just the personal part of that! He is living out what CS Lewis said as the biggest desire of mankind that is to be loved and to love. Amen! And we heard that he called his 39 years old son every Sunday night and go through the book “Knowing God” by JI Packer blew me away. I can only envy him on that! We heard that Tim used to take each son out for dinner one on one once a week or something, to communicate and talk with them. OMG, I wish I had learnt this 15 years ago! I would have a different family now!


Doreen & I standing in front of this shelf of books of Tim Keller which are neatly catalogued. Amazing the number of good books that he has read. I get regular update of kindle books that he recommends in twitter, and I am barely 10% through. LOL.




IMG_20180403_223034_883.jpgOur fellow students from 3rd Cohort had been a blast, we dived in and studied hard.And Tim told us that the professors like us as we are motivated to put our learning into our ministry. He said they usually teach the undergraduates or the PhD students who don’t seem to have a minis

FB_IMG_1522811948641.jpgtry right on, unlike us. And the professors feel we are more hungry and wanting to put into practice and that makes them excited. (And of course, this is New York city!!–this is me 🙂 )


Here is Kathy Keller with the cohort students that evening. Such a transparent and strong firm character who supports Tim in the ministry. A lovely godly woman. She co-writes books with Tim.FB_IMG_1522812024096.jpg


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