Gender based on Traditions is not out of date

There is a view out there that anyone not flowing into the view of the progressive sexuality today is out of date. We can’t disagree more.

Somehow the trend of trasngenderism, homosexuals has been taken as norm without contest, and they have challenged traditional understanding of sexuality, the Jewish Greco and also most importantly the Bible view.

Many Christian parents with LBGT children struggle as they face the uproar of their kids’ demand to flow in their views of sexuality based on the new society these days. Parents have to deal with this kind of view that has penetrated the academic world, the colleges that parents send their kids to. Unfortunately the liberal progressive think tank has taken captive the worldview on sexuality in the campuses and the media, arguably one of the most important and pressing topics of the 21st century.

To see or hear their college children saying they are into transgenderism, being a male biologically, complaining their desire is to be a woman feeling like trapped in a male body, or vice versa, is foreign and unnatural, and one must ask the question, where do these ideas come from?

A child growing up in a normal family, will never have to ask the question am I a boy or a girl? These questions puzzle everyone. Admittedly, there are cases, as an absolute minority, where kids grow up liking the same sex. The passionate acts between the same sex is described as unnatural in Romans 1 in the Bible. Romans 1:27 (ESV) 27 “and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error.” But this view has taken hold of a lot of the millennial generation and even to a certain extent in the evangelical churches. There are churches that have definitely embraced same sex relationship and even endorsed gay marriage and gay priests causing much pain and headache and splitting of churches.

We are talking about the rampant mind sweeping works of the liberal progressive to label things differently from the Bible. For anyone to change Romans 1 in the context of unnatural relationship between man and man, woman and woman, has gone into bible verses twisting and distortion in the most blatant manner.

Christian voice has been a minority voice and stand in this, however, do not forget that we never win any battle with the size of our presence. What wins is if the Lord God Almighty is with us or not? Look at David and Goliath, in terms of presence, size, Goliath towers over David, a teenage young lad. We are like a teenage young lad fighting a giant in the land. David was so sure that God was with him and had trained his hands for war as he overpowered lions as a shepherd boy by himself, he is made ready to war. His indignation for God in the face of insults and mockery thrown at Israel by the Philistine giant Goliath is too much for David to bear, because Goliath insulted not only Israel, but the God of Israel. That touched something, that touched the glory of the holiness of God. David ran towards Goliath, and threw his sling shot at Goliath as that 9 foot tall giant was also running towards David. That sling stone went out of David’s hands and landed exactly at the temple of Goliath’s forehead. And he fell down and was struck dead. One sling, one stone, David killed a formidable enemy. Because the Lord was with him. God helped him.

We need God’s help to fight against this cultural, and in fact, spiritual warfare. On the surface it is cultural, psychological, physiological, but deep down, this is deeply spiritual. We must not be intimated by the forces of culture but stand strong in the winds of the Holy Spirit. Our God is faithful, he fights for us. Amen.

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