Praying through psalms is a real edifying thing

We just prayed through psalm 37 with a group of parents this morning, and it’s so uplifting and feel connected with God with the saints, as we all took turn to pray. If you haven’t tried it with your loved ones, family, friends, church brothers and sisters, you should. First there is something about hearing someone else verbalizing prayer than just praying on your own, or everyone  prays quietly. Second, there is a common basis of prayer, instead of just prayer requests, like in a market.

Psalms is the best book to pray. There are books written like “praying through Psalms”, and also Tim Keller has written a book on praying on psalms. The benefit is enormous. It’s common knowledge that we don’t pray enough as Christians. We talk, we Facebook, twitter and Instagram’s, but talk to God is left in the background. No! It should be right in the front and center. I do appreciate many churches have online prayer through zooms, or google etc., there is a tremendous power released from the throne of God as we confess who he is, confess our sins, thank God for his love and faithfulness, and submit our supplications. Prayers mature us too. It’s the one thing we lack so much in the Christian community. Psalms declare the majesty of God, his steadfast love, his faithfulness, his justice, and it’s really good to take our eyes off from the political social turmoil of our country and city and focus on the greatness of God! Not saying we should not read special media, news, etc., and connect with our friends etc., twitting ideas and thoughts, but there must be a priority of prayers. Many are put off in prayers because we find it dry and boring, and sometimes I feel it too. That’s why I feel God has given as the book of Psalms of some of the most outstanding cries of help, lamenting, crying, and exalting God and celebrating God’s power, righteousness, faithfulness, justice. All in!

Do we want justice in America now? We been talking about systemic racism for the last 2 months or more in a more intense way after the George Floyd fiasco, and the nation is drowned with such struggle. Churches theology is filled with theology of liberation, confession, racial reconciliation and reparations. Protests fill the streets, on top of that we are still in the process of getting out of Covid. What better place to look for justice and pray through it? Psalms! Not just that, our entire identity, our being, our souls are all connected and displayed in Psalms with God. The disconnection with God is the primary thing that causes so much disruption and grievances. Ranging from racism, backsliding, sexuality, and the list goes on.

America needs a revival, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in this land. Oh Lord, we are hungry. Pour forth your Spirit upon us as we read, meditate, and pray through your book Psalms.

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