Trusting God with hope for better is much better than trusting God for whatever and accepting them

I love reformed teaching. But some preachers preach on the sovereignty of God and no matter what happens to him or anyone , we should accept it even if it may be bad. I have problem with trusting God and accepting passively whatever happens because God knows better and he is sovereign. That theology puts us in a passive posture that essentially deprives us of the fighting spirit , the spirit for a better tomorrow. I know that God sends storms to our lives at the right times sometimes to shape us up and refine us, like Jonah was sent a big storm while he was in the ship. That was meant to shake him off from his self righteousness for refusing to go and preach to Ninevah who was fast perishing, because he thinks they deserve it and should perish! But not so with our compassionate God who saw it fit that Jonah should go, and finally he did after the storm.

Therefore we should not stop at the storm, and let it hit us to the bottom and accepting whatever passively. There is a fighting spirit God has put in us, just look at David who cried out to God lamenting over 100 chapters of Psalms! He put up a good fight and when he’s defeated or knocked, God always comes through for him and taught him a lesson.

Facing hard times in life should never leave us in a passive posture with the argument that God knows better. Rather we should press on for a better outcome in life by trusting fully in God and utterly thrusting ourselves totally on God. God is not just our refuge , our rock, but he is also our hope.

By believing God to use you better rather than just chilling in your unsuccessful walk or ministry with God in whatever endeavors, is a proactive trust in God and faith in his steadfast love and faithfulness. After all, which parents do not want the best for their children? Same as God! Which God doesn’t want his children the best?

Though admittedly , not all outwardly good outcome of life is actually in the will of God. But that doesn’t mean we should just sink into passivity saying he is God after all, and he knows what best. He knows what’s best, that’s true, but God wants to see what is in your heart! As long as it’s in line with Gods will, we should definitely press in. Of course some argue that we don’t know his will, therefore we just accept whatever, but no, because there is the general revealed will, there is the silent will of God we should pursue and find out! Seeking God with all our hearts is one of the most mentioned themes in Psalms! And that posture is one of actively pursuing God and his best for us and our folks, and not one of accepting whatever!

If Hannah didn’t press on pursuing God and not accepting her undesirable situation with barrenness, she wouldn’t have Samuel, and who turned out to be one of the greatest prophets in the Old Testament ! She pressed on and pursued God with tears and cries from her heart, and her swearing to offer her son if any, to God!

If David didn’t continue to call out to God continually throughout the book of Psalms, there would not be Psalms! There would not be the greatest king of Israel. He completely trusted in God even though he lamented on why is God is so far from him, so quiet on him! But eventually God came through every single time! You know why? Because David is always relentlessly pursuing God! He’s known as “A man after my own heart” as God said. There is just no exception even as he was punished and disciplined by God severely when he murdered, slept with someone wife! God dealt with him, he never gave up on God because he knows God would never give up on him!!

That’s what we need to be! Let’s do it for Jesus! Run a good race!

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