The Irony of Social Conscience among Christians of different strands in America

We have seen the absolute upheaval of US politics impact upon the evangelical church community. Catholic and Protestants alike are impacted and the call of Christ for the church to respond has manifested , ironically, in very different emphasis.

From racism, social justice to abortion, transgender, sexuality, we have seen a whole host of different responses.

While the Reformed churches have focused on the fight against racism, social justice, more in line with American liberals’ worldview, but the rest of the evangelical community like charismatics and the evangelicals have been on the lone vocal fight against abortion, transgenderism, sexuality LBGT more in line with the Catholics ironically.

There had been an uproar of hands up in the air, when the Trump administration showed racism in name calling of, example, Chinese flu, then China flu, that caused a backlash of racism against Asian Americans community. The uproar is pulpable. This is understandable and it’s a disgrace what we saw some of the racism against the blacks, Asians etc.

However, when we see the abortions pushed by Biden, sexuality transgenderism etc., there had almost been an eerie silence from the same church leaders, scholars that criticized Trump’s acts of racism, narcissism, and women down talking.

Christians are trapped in a tug of war for righteousness and justice divide depending on your denomination or background

Evangelicals and charismatics will fight the sexuality , religious rights , abortion and underaged condoms distribution in schools’ issues vehemently (righteousness), but not much on social justice and racism (justice).

While the reformed fights racism (justice) and a tiny bit abortion.

There you go. Our Christendom dilemma in America.  

We should fight for righteousness and justice together as they are the foundations of our God

Psalm 89: 14 Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; Mercy and truth go before You.

That’s the Word of God. Christians will have to voice up against all the social, ills of our society to be a hill that shines in this world of darkness. To not to shine, is failure to witness for Christ. Jesus called us to shine in the world. To be in the world, but not of the world. To do anything less than that, is not being a good ambassador for Christ.

Abraham Kuyper will push for all out witnessing for Christ in our secular society. Though many disagree with him exactly how we do that, his famous quote “ Not a square inch of the land is not mine—Christ” is famously quoted all over. Kuyper is really calling for equality sharing of all secular power by all religions as in the Netherlands. This has good and bad. In our US scene, there is clearly a persecution going on in the submerging of our Christian views and ethos, by whoever is in power. Even among Christians, the interpretation of scriptures can be twisted to whatever they hearts crave. For the so called liberals, mostly among the Democrats, their call is very much in line with the liberal values like abortion, women’s rights, anti-racism. You see it’s a mixed bag. Anti-racism can be shared among all Christians with no problem. However, stuff like Critical Race Theory is so controversial that  Christians are split. Even among, theologians themselves. It’s beyond the scope of this article to deal with it.

However, suffice to say that it is time for Christians to unite under the two brands:

“Righteousness” and Justice”, which are the foundation of the Lord our God

Psalm 89: 14 Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; Mercy and truth go before You.

I believe before we debate anything, let’s do sound exegesis from the scripture texts, not from some philosophy books, articles of the latest days. But let the scriptures of God’s words be our absolute final referee. Every one of us has to submit to the authority of the scriptures, or else there is no church.

There should be no choosing of between righteousness or justice. God is passionate about both, and we likewise will have to follow suit. We want to be the voice of championing for the poor, marginalized, as well as for the people who are created in the image of God in terms of skin color, unborn babies, and the sexuality as all are created by God. Similarly, we will have to do justice based on scripture, and not the latest fad.

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