Don’t let the world or the church reduce Jesus to be naturalist from supernatural

Don’t let the world reduce Jesus to be naturalist from supernatural. That’s what the devil wants to as well, manifested through their worldly engaging cultural sophisticated thinkers coming down from the European Enlighten period of 1900’s till today. It emerges or rears its ugly head in various forms, like majoring in social justice, Santa clause, being culturally engaged and whatever that will captivate you, except the supernatural. This is whats called being a naturalist Church! Bringing the supernatural transcendent God into a mere mortal man naturalist mindset. Sad. l have to admit, many churches carries a form of naturalist in conformity to the world or even blunter, the devil.

The church has no business in reducing the supernatural of Jesus to the naturalist. Where do they get the power or authority to do that ??? In whose name?

Gospel is supernatural. For anyone passionately defending the gospel like Paul did, I would add that, Paul’s gospel precisely includes the supernatural, and in fact it defines him and his ministry.

To say the gifts of God has ceased, is like saying only second to those time of enlightenment, or scholastics period of reformation, who did everything to remove anything supernatural from Jesus. We will leave it to another big discussion on cessationist and continuaist camps.

However, the enlightenment scholastics theologians postulate that , for example, when Jesus walked on water, it was only an optical illusion, in the name of critical scholarship, they said. Or they color code the entire bible, highlighting all the passages that carries verses showing supernatural works of Jesus, and remove them from the Bible accordingly. That abomination will definitely be facing a resolute judgement from God in the eschatological age when Christ returns in no uncertain terms! They will not get away with that. Deceiving thousands or millions, they will not be able to call it a day. In fact, God already knew even before the creation of this world, or the foundation of the world.

But what about today? Many churches theology has said that the supernatural has essentially ceased. To me and millions of charismatics, that sounds akin to what the critical scholastics have done to the gospel of Jesus Christ! What the scholastics did to Jesus by humanizing him, is exactly what some evangelicals have done to naturalizing the church! Reducing the supernatural church to a naturalist version of the supernatural church. No wonder the fastest church growing movement, by far, is the Pentecostal and charismatic movement round the globe, leaving the intellectual doctrinal rich evangelical reformed world panting in breath from behind.

While the latter basks in theology and thinking, and able to talk with the culture, racism, image of God, depravity, justification, sanctification, the former knows next to nothing of what I listed, and yet continue to far outgrow the latter. Why? That’s where theology gets sunk unfortunately . People needs an easily digestible spiritual diet and the manifestation of all the miracles working Christ in the gospels. Their churches church today simply repeats what Christ has done on the supernatural, albeit to a smaller scale, but their heartbeat in in the right direction.

The conclusion is many in evangelical world doesn’t have what the charismatics have, while the charismatics do not have what the reformed has. We need to combine them both, and can you imagine the revival that’s going to hit us??

I have not even begun to understand it, or feel it. But I can feel it in my spirit.

Come Holy Spirit!

This worship on Did you know Mary? Brings out some beautiful powerful miracles of Jesus healing the blind, raised the cripple, brought joy to the oppressed. All of these are actions.

Go and give it a listen and watch the video. Its epic.

Wait for my book “The Congruent Power of The Spirit & Reformed Theology”.

My sermon related to this:



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